A Family of Trail Angels

Before coming out to trail, I never anticipated the amount of family that would reach out to me and want to meet on trail. Fortunately, they were all very enthusiastic about doing trail magic and meeting the AT through-hiker community. The trail became a long term family reunion for me. I started telling other hikersContinue reading “A Family of Trail Angels”

Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)

4/4/21 (9 miles – 78.2 cumulative): Started the day off by leaving my sunglasses at the hostel. I decided to jog the half mile back to the hostel and get back to hiking. The people camping at Dick’s Creek, who I left my pack with, were so nice they gave me a lunch beer andContinue reading “Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)”