The Rainy Season (CT through MA)

New York Just as a quick refresher, the last section of New York was easily the worst maintained part of the entire trail. I remember walking through chest-high weeds/shrubs that covered the trail, scrambling over broken boards, and crawling on all fours (with my pack on) to get under fallen trees; all happening in theContinue reading “The Rainy Season (CT through MA)”

Hampton, TN to Damascus, VA (5/5/21-5/16/21)

5/5/21 (9.1 miles, 437.7 cumulative): After spending the night at Boots Off Hostel, I ended up hiking up a few miles to meet back up with some friends. The hike was awesome because I spent the whole morning hiking around Watauga Lake and Dam. The rain did come, and put a damper on some things.Continue reading “Hampton, TN to Damascus, VA (5/5/21-5/16/21)”

Neels Gap to Dicks Creek Gap (3/31-4/3)

3/31/21 (10.4 miles – 42.8 cumulative) let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. And it poured. While about half the people zero’d for the day, two guys from Iowa and my self decided trek it out. The torrential downpour, flash flood warnings, severe thunder storms, gusty winds did not intimidate us, but ratherContinue reading “Neels Gap to Dicks Creek Gap (3/31-4/3)”