A Family of Trail Angels

Before coming out to trail, I never anticipated the amount of family that would reach out to me and want to meet on trail. Fortunately, they were all very enthusiastic about doing trail magic and meeting the AT through-hiker community. The trail became a long term family reunion for me. I started telling other hikersContinue reading “A Family of Trail Angels”

Northern PA through New York

PENNSYLVANIA After PokéMom left me on the trail, the terrain hit the fan. In the way that God threw a giant boulder into the fan, took the scraps, sprinkled them across the trail, and said “Have Fun!” All the rumors of what was coming came true. Our greatest fears became reality. We hit Rocksylvania. TheContinue reading “Northern PA through New York”

Thursday, June 17, 2021 – Monday, June 21, 2021

PENNSYLVANIA (Easy Part) * Today’s post is brought to you by my Mom, “PokéMom.” * Thursday, June 17 Hey, this is “Pokemom.” (Thank you “Maple” for the trail name.) I drove to Gardners, PA, along with our dog Luna, to meet up with Seany (aka Hokey Pokey) and spent a fewdays on trail with him.Continue reading “Thursday, June 17, 2021 – Monday, June 21, 2021”

Hot Springs, NC to Hampton, TN (153.7 miles, 428.6 cumulative)

I want to give a shout-out to the Windsor Park Elementary students and staff. Thank you so much for the posters you made with words of support. It was all amazing things to say and definitely helped me get over some real tough mountain climbs. All the other hikers reading them appreciated the support asContinue reading “Hot Springs, NC to Hampton, TN (153.7 miles, 428.6 cumulative)”

Franklin, NC to Hot Springs, NC (4/8-4/22/21) Great Smoky Mountains National Park

165.5 miles – 274.9 cumulative miles Just a heads up, I’ll probably be posting updates more sporadically like this, with not as much details. I feel like trying to write a daily update and worrying about this blog/journal takes away from the experience of being out here at times. Plus it uses up battery onContinue reading “Franklin, NC to Hot Springs, NC (4/8-4/22/21) Great Smoky Mountains National Park”

Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)

4/4/21 (9 miles – 78.2 cumulative): Started the day off by leaving my sunglasses at the hostel. I decided to jog the half mile back to the hostel and get back to hiking. The people camping at Dick’s Creek, who I left my pack with, were so nice they gave me a lunch beer andContinue reading “Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)”

Amicalola Falls to Neels Gap (3/26-3/30 – 31.3 AT miles)

3/26/21 (0.2 AT Miles, 8.6 Approach): Oh man first day on the trail couldn’t have gone any better! My calves were sore within 30 minutes of hiking, and I’m already feeling it in my knees. All this just for 0.2 AT miles lol. But it was actually a great first day. Amicalola Falls was aContinue reading “Amicalola Falls to Neels Gap (3/26-3/30 – 31.3 AT miles)”