Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)

4/4/21 (9 miles – 78.2 cumulative): Started the day off by leaving my sunglasses at the hostel. I decided to jog the half mile back to the hostel and get back to hiking. The people camping at Dick’s Creek, who I left my pack with, were so nice they gave me a lunch beer and a small bag of chocolate Easter eggs to help turn my day around. Unfortunately, I did not sleep well at the hostel the night before, and felt exhausted and dehydrated later in the day. But I did reach the NC/GA border! Goodbye Georgia, hello North Carolina!

Also, I guess there was some special oak tree that everyone who hikes the AT shares. For some reason it’s a big deal. I thought it was a bit anticlimactic when I finally saw what everyone had been talking about. It was cool, but did not live up to the hype

4/5/21 (12.1 miles – 90.3 miles): Popped a Benny (Benadryl) the night before and had my best night of sleep on the trail. I got destroyed by the first hill in NC, but then felt amazing making my way up Standing Indian Mountain. The view at the top was phenomenal. We could see all the mountains we had hiked over in Georgia. Pretty gnarly.

Also, I’ve now been meeting up with the same people at camp these last few nights. But we’ve been talking about how sad it can be that you become great friends with someone one night, but then they may hike ahead the next day, and you could never see them again. It’s already happened to me a couple times. Everyone just hikes their own hike. Although, sometimes you do catch up and it’s awesome when you see each other again.

4/6/21 (11.9 miles – 102.2 cumulative): pretty phenomenal day that I couldn’t have asked to have gone any better. First we summited Albert Mountain and climbed the iconic fire tower.

Definitely had some of the most beautiful overlooks and views I’ve seen on trail yet.

We made it through our first 100 miles

And I think I got my trail name as Hokey Pokie.

4/7/21 (7.2 miles – 109.4 cumulative): Trail name is finalized as Hokey Pokie. Also, easiest 7 miles I’ve hiked all trail. I think we all did it in maybe 3.5 hours. Also hitched a free ride into town from a very nice fella who also ended up letting me and a couple other guys rent a room for the night. I’m staying with two brothers from Maryland tonight. Franklin is a super cool town. It’s got its Main Street with all the stores and gift shops. Most importantly, there’s a local brewery called Lazy Hiker Brewing Company where all us hikers are planning on enjoying the afternoon/night at. Should be a good time.


4 thoughts on “Dick’s Creek Gap to Franklin, NC (4/4-4/7/21)

  1. Awesome Seany. Keep on trucking. You are doing a phenomenal thing. The updates are awesome. Love you-Aunt Mary Ellen


  2. Couple of days ago, I suddenly realized “oh I forgot Sean on AT!”

    Just read all you AT blogs and am amazed by every of your sharing. What a experience! The soreness, the ice-grass, the centipedes and salamanders , the walk in rain, the trees and the peak views…

    The friend-making reminded me 10+yrs ago, 3 monks were invited to my daughters’ school. They sat there for a long time creating a fancy painting with sand of various colors. Once it was finished, they gracefully poured it into a nearby creek…

    Shared your experience, this blog and fund raising with my family 👍 Looking forward to more! Thanks for taking all of us on your adventure!

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